Friday, July 19, 2013

Memories of Abby

5 weeks ago today, Abby passed away.  This morning has been a little rough.. I'm just missing her. I like having pictures of her around the house, but sometimes I'll stare at them and miss her so much that my heart literally hurts.  She has been gone for 5 weeks, but it feels like I haven't seen her in years.  I just miss her laugh and her cuddles.

So, I want to redirect my focus today.  I want to talk about memories and all of the things that Abby did to make me laugh.

She used to laugh so hard and loud at her own jokes. She thought she was the funniest girl in the whole world.  She was pretty funny, too.  I caught her on more than one occasion practicing telling jokes in the mirror and laughing at herself.

She loved singing and dancing and performing, but it had to be on her own terms.  She loved to be the center of attention unless we wanted her to be.

She NEVER stopped talking or making noise.  The house is a lot quieter now and I miss her insanity!

She had absolutely no control over her temper.  She got so mad so fast.  There was no in between with Abby, she was either super happy or super mad.  There was never a question about how Abby was feeling.

A couple of summers ago, Abby had absolutely no interest in riding a bike, she would rather run.  Whenever her brothers would go for a bike ride, Abby would just run behind them.  She didn't care that she wasn't even close to keeping up with their bikes, she was doing what she wanted to do and it was hilarious.  I can picture the boys riding their bikes to the end of the street and back and Abby "hanging out" with them but not anywhere close to them having the time of her life. It makes me laugh every time.

She loved reading, writing and drawing.  She was really good at all three.  I'm happy to have some of her artwork framed and have some of her writing in a notebooks, and on the bookshelf, and on the wall in the back of her closet. 

She left us with a lot of memories,  I obviously could sit here and write all day.  She was an amazing little girl full of laughter (most of the time).  I am so thankful that I got to be her mom.

If anyone reading this has any memories, please share them with me in a comment.  I would love to read about how Abby affected you or made you laugh (or made you mad, even).  I look forward to hearing about my awesome little girl from you. 

Today, I will focus on how much she made me laugh!


  1. Julie, I am so glad you are writing about Abby. I didn't get the privilege to know her. This gives those of us who are connected to you from a previous "era," and love you so much, the opportunity to know your amazing Abby as she lives on in your writing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I agree...I only got the chance to see her when we ran in to each other at Connection but I remember you bouncing her on your lap while she smiled and you gave her a squeeze. Such a happy baby and beautiful!! I am blessed to get to read this blog and thru this time in your life your testimony showing others what the bible has laid out so simple for us and to find Joy even in sorrow....Love you old friend!

  3. Abby was always quiet whenever I came around, so I remember a quiet Abby. Surprising, eh? :) I remember always thinking how beautiful she was.

  4. I can't remember why I started but I have always called her Schmabby or Schmabigail. She didn't seem to mind and sometimes even thought it was funny.
    I have LOTS of memories of Abby but most recently I had absolutely LOVED how she treated Ellie and Clara. She loved when we would come over (most of the time).
    She treated Ellie like a little sister and loved to play with and take care of Clara. Ellie adored Abby and still asks for her every time we visit Grandpa's house.
    I loved the fashion shows Abby and Emma would put on using my hallway as their runway. Always involving a gigantic pink feather boa and Hannah Montana wig.
    I'm so glad that the last few months she was here, Abby and Emma didn't fight...before that they fought like sisters.
    I'm so grateful that my last interaction with Abby was braiding her hair in the hospital. I had no idea at the time that it would mean as much to me as it does. :)
    I miss that loud, obnoxious, sweet, sassy, silly, crazy, creative, talented, beautiful girl :)

  5. Julie,
    I never had the pleasure of meeting Abby, however I feel like I did know her through your writing. It makes me teary and smile and I feel very connected to you & her even though I was not really. God Bless You and your strength and Love!!
    Hugs & Prayers <3 <3 <3

  6. Like Christy, I knew you at a different season in our lives and it's so amazing to see you as a mom (and as a mom who loves her children so very much!) I hope you find blogging as cathartic as I did after I lost Robert; you'll be amazed at how many lives you'll touch and bless by the way you glorify HIm through the process. Love you, girl.